So I shaved my hair.

I had been thinking of shaving my head for over a year but my balls hadn’t grown big enough. “What if the shape of your head is bad? Get a boyfriend first, that way, he can’t leave when you shave your head. Is it not a sin?”

Finally, my balls overgrew and exploded.


On the 22nd of September, I woke up and told myself “Enough is enough. Do what you want” and headed to the barbershop.

In the last months of 2017, the urge to shave my head became more aggressive. I tried to get my reasoning in order. Was it a grieving method? Well, that one is definitely a sin. No can do. So I waited for a few more months to be sure.


As I sat and waited for my turn at the barbershop, I could feel the stares of the men present burning through my forehead. They probably hadn’t seen a woman in the barbershop before. Exhausted from the discomfort, I stared back at them and nodded with a smile when they realized how obvious they had been.


“Okay, so basically, I just want you to shave my whole head” I explained to the barber.

So he began. The sound of the buzzing clipper made my heart race. I’m still not sure whether it was excitement or fear.

Immediately I stepped out of the shop, I felt different. Did I just make a mistake?

I was about to tie the headscarf I had worn earlier when a random guy drove by and told me he loved my haircut. My confidence went from 20 to 100 real quick! There was a spring in my steps and my dimples dug deeper into my cheeks.


Head high Bold-ish. Keep your head high.

It wasn’t so bad after all.



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