Top 15 Lessons in the First Three Months of 2019.

Here are the top things I learned in the first three months of the year.

  1. God is interested in every aspect of your life no matter how minute.
  2. Fear will cripple you. Tell the devil to keep his useless gift.
  3. There’s a very thin line between kindness and foolishness.
  4. Love is not only the expression acceptable to show; express your anger and disappointment too.
  5. Not everyone should be allowed see you bare and laid down. Guard your space.
  6. Your eyes disappear and your face is funny when you laugh; but do it anyway.
  1. It’s not your duty to fix people. God wouldn’t be mad if you walk away from situations that are toxic or damaging to your mental health.
  2. Keep dancing – especially on the streets. You’re making someone’s day.
  3. Stand tall; you have authority in Jesus.
  4. Stop forcing junk down your throat because you want to be ‘thick’.
  5. That little booty wiggle you do lifts your mood. Do it more often.
  6. Grief, brokenness and stress are never good enough reasons to mess up other people’s lives.
  7. Don’t have conversations with the devil. Shut him down immediately.
  8. Learn to compartmentalize your feelings. Don’t let your aggression spill over to the next person.
  9. Don’t ever feel the need to stoop low to accommodate people. Be unapologetically you.

Here’s to more learning and growing. Happy New Month!

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