On Trauma and Healing

You know what they say about healing. You gotta dig deep, pull out the mush, lay it bare and let it hit you. You pause, cry it out and stand back up. It's only then that the battle can begin. But what if you don’t get up. What if the baggage is so heavy, it... Continue Reading →

Set Free (Verse).

You've been set free, 
But remember to resist the devil 
because he always comes back 
and if he finds you empty,
he will invite his friends 
and they will set up shop.

Final embrace.

One last embraceOne last smell of your sweet smelling perfumeOne last kiss on the softest of lipsBefore your heart stopsAs I hold your headRocking to the music we first danced to.As I catch your last breathe,And see your eyes open With that famous crooked smile 
One last time.One last touch
One last hope 
One last chance
To... Continue Reading →


Do you remember the promises -the ones we made as we lay counting the squares on my ceiling?Do you remember the words you spoke -the ones that were so gentle and soft it made my ears tingle?Do you remember the tears -the ones that we shed because our lovewas too intense for us to handleDo... Continue Reading →

Strains from the inside.

The doctor gave me stronger puffers today He says that there's still a strain in my chest That strain is from missing you, my love missing the sounds of your laughter. Those random breathless moments are from missing your heartwarming hugs the sporadic moments of pain - a way of letting me know it never... Continue Reading →

One with you.

I became one with youthe moment I proclaimed You Lord over me I became your heartthe minute you ran towards me Somewhere along,I lost my way; ashamed to find your faceBut your love found meyour peace, wrapped around me tightly  Never in my broken girl's wildest dreamsdid I see such a beautiful redemption happening to me.I am one... Continue Reading →

I stand.

I standin every word you have said over meI standin everythingthat you say I amI stand in every truththat your word bringsI stand in your perfect will.Under your shadow;behind the cross.I stand.

I found her.

I got a word from my heart.She whispered,'Maybe if you stop searching,you'll find me.'So I took a break fromcertain faces that made mefeel uncomfortableCertain spaces that made mefeel inadequateWhatever it took, to find me.And when I stopped searching -I found herwaiting for her prodigal partto return home.

Up again.

I see you building those walls up againThe walls we struggled to pull downin tears and sweat.I know it's hard / I know you're hurtingI know you're tired / I know you're drainedBut we've come too far / Too damn far to give up.Stay strong, fighter / put down the bricksKeep those walls / low... Continue Reading →

Do you?

When you lay your headAnd close your eyesDo you dream of me?When you wake upand see the sunriseDo you think of me?When you pick up the cameraand look into the lensDo you see my face?Do you see my eyesStaring into your soul?Do you see my smileand the wrinkles on my nose?Do you notice my dimplesDig... Continue Reading →

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