F is for Family.

I travelled home last week for a celebration. It was an amazing family reunion and to be honest, I've only been back a day but I already feel out of place. I miss my family - my safe space. I have felt true happiness this past week; pure joy, security, calmness and peace. Maybe I'll... Continue Reading →

Top 15 Lessons in the First Three Months of 2019.

Here are the top things I learned in the first three months of the year. God is interested in every aspect of your life no matter how minute.Fear will cripple you. Tell the devil to keep his useless gift. There's a very thin line between kindness and foolishness.Love is not only the expression acceptable to... Continue Reading →

One with you.

I became one with youthe moment I proclaimed You Lord over me I became your heartthe minute you ran towards me Somewhere along,I lost my way; ashamed to find your faceBut your love found meyour peace, wrapped around me tightly  Never in my broken girl's wildest dreamsdid I see such a beautiful redemption happening to me.I am one... Continue Reading →

I stand.

I standin every word you have said over meI standin everythingthat you say I amI stand in every truththat your word bringsI stand in your perfect will.Under your shadow;behind the cross.I stand.

I found her.

I got a word from my heart.She whispered,'Maybe if you stop searching,you'll find me.'So I took a break fromcertain faces that made mefeel uncomfortableCertain spaces that made mefeel inadequateWhatever it took, to find me.And when I stopped searching -I found herwaiting for her prodigal partto return home.

Up again.

I see you building those walls up againThe walls we struggled to pull downin tears and sweat.I know it's hard / I know you're hurtingI know you're tired / I know you're drainedBut we've come too far / Too damn far to give up.Stay strong, fighter / put down the bricksKeep those walls / low... Continue Reading →

Do you?

When you lay your headAnd close your eyesDo you dream of me?When you wake upand see the sunriseDo you think of me?When you pick up the cameraand look into the lensDo you see my face?Do you see my eyesStaring into your soul?Do you see my smileand the wrinkles on my nose?Do you notice my dimplesDig... Continue Reading →

Time to leave.

"You begged me to marry you, Nike. Your mother knelt in the same spot you are now and begged me to take away the shame that hung on to your family's name after you conceived the bastard child."

Does it hurt to die?

Does it hurt to die?When the soul leaves the bodydoes it slowly drag in a gruesome manner;allowing the body to experiencean unbearable painFor the last timeJust for the fun of it?Or does it leavequickly - in one swoop;so fast that the body doesn't even notice that it's been left aloneWith no life to continue?

Are you for God?

This morning, a question popped into my head. 'Are you for God?' I immediately replied, 'Yes, of course. That's a dumb question' But then I've been thinking about it all day. Am I really for God or do I just do the surface level 'good' things in hopes to earn points from the 'big guy... Continue Reading →

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