On King Street…

Woke up to terrible news. Suicide in the building across mine. While I slept, someone succumbed to their thoughts and jumped to their end. It's scary how much power the mind has and the things we are capable of. The fact that one can give into those thoughts of inadequacy, self-hatred and the lies that... Continue Reading →

Final embrace.

One last embraceOne last smell of your sweet smelling perfumeOne last kiss on the softest of lipsBefore your heart stopsAs I hold your headRocking to the music we first danced to.As I catch your last breathe,And see your eyes open With that famous crooked smile 
One last time.One last touch
One last hope 
One last chance
To... Continue Reading →

Does it hurt to die?

Does it hurt to die?When the soul leaves the bodydoes it slowly drag in a gruesome manner;allowing the body to experiencean unbearable painFor the last timeJust for the fun of it?Or does it leavequickly - in one swoop;so fast that the body doesn't even notice that it's been left aloneWith no life to continue?


The day the mechanic died, I was in the kitchen giving a dance performance to one of Ayefele's songs in front of my cousin. I heard my dad's loud voice from upstairs. He was singing loudly as he usually did. Flakes and I rolled our eyes and shook our heads laughing at his untuned voice... Continue Reading →

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