F is for Family.

I travelled home last week for a celebration. It was an amazing family reunion and to be honest, I've only been back a day but I already feel out of place. I miss my family - my safe space. I have felt true happiness this past week; pure joy, security, calmness and peace. Maybe I'll... Continue Reading →

Time to leave.

"You begged me to marry you, Nike. Your mother knelt in the same spot you are now and begged me to take away the shame that hung on to your family's name after you conceived the bastard child."

Back rubs

The back pains started again yesterday. It was a sad day. If this happened last year, I’d have comforted myself in the fact that my mother would be back soon to give me her healing back rubs. "Just a few more months. Be patient" There was nothing to comfort myself in yesterday. Knowing that I’d... Continue Reading →

Fere Bi Ekun.

Tribute to a mother. Most times, I don't have the words to explain who my mother was. It's really hard to condense her whole being and the different sides of her I got to experience into a few sentences. But I will try. I'll share a story with you. A moment I keep very dearly... Continue Reading →

Uncle Kareem.

I had my first kiss when I was twelve years old. It was from my uncle Kareem. His lips were soft and plump like the pillows on my bed. His upper lip was dark like that of a chronic smoker and the bottom was deep pink, like the colour of the cotton underwear I was... Continue Reading →

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