A petty God?

I asked God for a miracle and He came through. When I asked Him, I had told him I’d fast for two full days if He helped. With my past record of not keeping my word with Him, I told him to give me a chance to show him that I could be trusted now.... Continue Reading →

Set Free (Verse).

You've been set free, 
But remember to resist the devil 
because he always comes back 
and if he finds you empty,
he will invite his friends 
and they will set up shop.

Top 15 Lessons in the First Three Months of 2019.

Here are the top things I learned in the first three months of the year. God is interested in every aspect of your life no matter how minute.Fear will cripple you. Tell the devil to keep his useless gift. There's a very thin line between kindness and foolishness.Love is not only the expression acceptable to... Continue Reading →

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