Always and forever,

I'd like to think you're dancing in Heaven With the Angels spraying you dollars as you sing heavenly songs of praise to the Father Happy Birthday my lover. Always and forever, Your baby.

Commitment Woes.

I have commitment issues. You probably already picked up on it from my posts but I only realized this a couple of months ago when I met new people. I found it extremely difficult to let them into my life and build a relationship with them. Through self-reflection and borderline tearing myself down, I linked... Continue Reading →


I did say I'd love you foreverbut forever ended the day you raised your hand and left a bruise.That day, you died to me. I didn't see it comingI'll give you thatYou lasted a long time under those sheep clothesYou've been stripped, Arthurthere's no longer a veil of majesty in your presence.Just the weak frame... Continue Reading →

Built for love.

Hello! It's been a while since I've talked to you. I'm not even going to sit here and lie - it was intentional. I was running away because I was embarrassed. I'm not the same person you met and I didn't want you to see this part of me. However, I feel like I'm accountable... Continue Reading →


Do you remember the promises -the ones we made as we lay counting the squares on my ceiling?Do you remember the words you spoke -the ones that were so gentle and soft it made my ears tingle?Do you remember the tears -the ones that we shed because our lovewas too intense for us to handleDo... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s Princess

I heard these words eight years ago in a movie - "Whatever you do; wherever you goalways remember you're daddy's princess" Whenever the devil tries to guilt me. This line is always a reminder that I am, and will always be God's princess. No matter how far I go;Whenever I return, I will always have... Continue Reading →

I found her.

I got a word from my heart.She whispered,'Maybe if you stop searching,you'll find me.'So I took a break fromcertain faces that made mefeel uncomfortableCertain spaces that made mefeel inadequateWhatever it took, to find me.And when I stopped searching -I found herwaiting for her prodigal partto return home.

Do you?

When you lay your headAnd close your eyesDo you dream of me?When you wake upand see the sunriseDo you think of me?When you pick up the cameraand look into the lensDo you see my face?Do you see my eyesStaring into your soul?Do you see my smileand the wrinkles on my nose?Do you notice my dimplesDig... Continue Reading →

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