A petty God?

I asked God for a miracle and He came through. When I asked Him, I had told him I’d fast for two full days if He helped. With my past record of not keeping my word with Him, I told him to give me a chance to show him that I could be trusted now.... Continue Reading →

On Trauma and Healing

You know what they say about healing. You gotta dig deep, pull out the mush, lay it bare and let it hit you. You pause, cry it out and stand back up. It's only then that the battle can begin. But what if you don’t get up. What if the baggage is so heavy, it... Continue Reading →

Break me.

I’m currently on a devotional plan called ‘Dangerous Prayers’ It was going well until this morning when I hit a prayer I couldn’t bring myself to pray. ‘Break me’ I struggled and struggled and ended up telling God to give me some time. ‘Let’s come back to this one’, I said. ‘I don’t think I’m... Continue Reading →

The Answer.

Hey guys! Long time no chat. I hope you’re treating yourself nicely, eating your greens, staying fit... you know, all the good good things I’m definitely not doing for myself. Last time I told you my struggle with sex and all the holes my mind was jumping through to validate it. Well, I found my... Continue Reading →

It’s Good News!

WHEW! Finally! I feel like most of my personal blogs here are of me beating myself down and picking apart all the things I feel are wrong with me and my life in general. We are going to step away from that today and give myself credit for the amazingly good job I've been doing... Continue Reading →

Built for love.

Hello! It's been a while since I've talked to you. I'm not even going to sit here and lie - it was intentional. I was running away because I was embarrassed. I'm not the same person you met and I didn't want you to see this part of me. However, I feel like I'm accountable... Continue Reading →

Dealing with loss

I'd be the first to let you know that I haven't really dealt with the death of my mother. I have buried it deep down and haven't come to terms with it.  I honestly haven't cried that I lost her. I've cried that she didn't get to see my husband and tease him, cried that... Continue Reading →

Back rubs

The back pains started again yesterday. It was a sad day. If this happened last year, I’d have comforted myself in the fact that my mother would be back soon to give me her healing back rubs. "Just a few more months. Be patient" There was nothing to comfort myself in yesterday. Knowing that I’d... Continue Reading →


So I shaved my hair. I had been thinking of shaving my head for over a year but my balls hadn't grown big enough. "What if the shape of your head is bad? Get a boyfriend first, that way, he can't leave when you shave your head. Is it not a sin?" Finally, my balls... Continue Reading →

Fere Bi Ekun.

Tribute to a mother. Most times, I don't have the words to explain who my mother was. It's really hard to condense her whole being and the different sides of her I got to experience into a few sentences. But I will try. I'll share a story with you. A moment I keep very dearly... Continue Reading →

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